Zybrtooth Creative, a digital brand and design agency based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, was formally launched in 2017 by graphic designer and aspiring entrepreneur Dustin Johnson. We create outstanding artwork supported by innovative and imaginative thinking across all styles and genres for games, film, television, and business advertising. 

Our Story

Having a deep passion for the power of creativity, Dustin began the process of building the company very early in his childhood. At the time the creative passion manifested only as doodles of his favorite comic book superheroes on college ruled paper. But growing older brought change in his motivation and expanded ideas of exactly what it was he wanted to create. By the time he was a senior in high school he was a highly developed fine artist immersing himself within the 80's hair metal and punk rock culture. He was collecting and even creating his own album artwork, posters and advertising of his favorite musical artists. This fervor for the creative soon spread from the visual and musical arts to scriptwriting and filming for television which would eventually prove to be the groundwork for the future creative agency, Zybrtooth.

In 2008, to further pursue his interests in film Dustin was admitted to Western Kentucky University with Broadcasting as his declared major. Just a few short years later he was unsatisfied with the direction he was taking and would drop the broadcasting courses for his obsession with Graphic Design. After suffering various entry level jobs to pay for college, Dustin took a series of steps towards making a living with his core passions in mind. Thus was born Wildchild Creative Studios, his first legitimate design company in 2010. Wildchild allowed him to experiment in the world of entrepreneurship while expanding his portfolio of work. Juggling his entry level job, his business venture and his college studies was no easy task, but somehow he managed to trudge through graduating from WKU with a Bachelors of Arts degree in graphic design.

By 2016 many changes were brewing as Dustin decides to dissolve the freelance company Wildchild Creative Studios to launch a new project. The project known then as the "Zybrtooth Initiative" was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable designers and creatives to see if they become something more; The best and the brightest people influencing the values and future of the world through the power of creative thinking. Zybrtooth was formally launched in 2017 with the goal to provide world class visual development and design services to clients all over the globe. We're here and we're just getting started.


Dustin Johnson
CEO, Creative Director, Senior Designer

Alexa Anderson
Office Manager

Francisco Serrano
Marketing Manager, Videographer


Our Partners

Zybrtooth Creative has a network of talented partners. Depending on your project, we tap the skills of videographers, photographers, motion graphics artists, editors, writers, and other professionals. Our partners are some of the top experts in their field. When needed, we include these professionals in our project teams.

Our partners allow Zybrtooth Creative to scale up a project when needed without the cost of carrying that overhead. The savings are passed on to our clients.